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China urges US to cancel sanctions
Beijing urged Washington on Friday to correct its mistake and withdraw sanctions on the Chinese military immediately or face the consequences.
China to inject hundreds of billions into digital economy
China’s e-commerce user penetration rate has risen to 50 percent in just nine years, whereas it took the US 14 years to achieve the same rate.
China unveils measures to boost consumption
China on Thursday unveiled measures to further tap the country's residential consumption potential.
China-made C919 landing gear delivered to COMAC
The domestically-made nose landing gear and main landing gear have undergone various tests before being delivered.
China's 24 solar terms: Qiufen
Qiufen is the midpoint of autumn. From here on, days will be shorter and nights will be longer in the Northern Hemisphere.
Chinese brands revamp marketing to appeal to new generation of customers
The world-renowned Chinese chili sauce brand Laoganma unexpectedly launched a clothing range on its official Tmall flagship store last Tuesday.
People’s Daily Online seeks English copy-editor
People’s Daily Online is looking for full-time English-speaking editors. The openings are based in Beijing.

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