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吉林时时彩开奖现场报码本港台:China brain project to be launched

(People's Daily Online)    09:42, June 30, 2015
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Brain science and brain-like intelligence have become a hot issue in the world in recent years. While the U.S. and EU have launched their own relevant research programs, the Chinese government also places great importance on brain study, and China's brain project will be started, a report on People's Daily said, on Monday.

The traditional intelligence technology now can hardly meet the requirements of the vast amounts of complex information processing in the modern information society. With the development of brain cognition and neuroscience, academics realized that intelligence technology can draw inspiration from brain science and neuroscience in order to develop new theories and methods to improve the machine intelligence level.

According to Zheng Nanning, an academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering, brain-computing is one of the major challenges the scientific community faces in this century. It is a "big issue" that draws much concern from the computer science and artificial intelligence fields.

Tan Tieniu, an academician at Chinese Academy of Sciences, stressed that brain-like intelligence research has become a strategic behavior of the major developed countries. China should accelerate and promote its artificial intelligence development and seize the high ground for this new industrial revolution.

Experts pointed out that the deep integration of brain science and intelligence technology will greatly promote the breakthroughs and development of brain-like intelligence research, lead the future direction of artificial intelligence development, reshape a country's industry, military, and service structure, and become an important manifestation of a nation's core competitiveness.

This article was edited and translated from 《"中国脑计划"即将启动》, source: People's Daily.

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